Thursday, October 2, 2008

I highly recommend you go here....

Last weekend we headed up to Canton to visit my family. On Saturday morning we all piled in the cars and headed to RRR (I'm too lazy to type out the name of the ranch everytime I mention it). It is approximately a 40 minute drive from Canton in Millersburg -- the heart of Amish country. The drive was beautiful. And we probably passed 50 or so Amish folks driving their horse and buggies.

Once we were there, we all piled into a large covered wagon, driven by an Amishman named Melvin and pulled by 2 beautiful horses. Once inside the ranch, we were up close and personal with over 550 amazing animals that we were able to feed and pet. The animals ranged anywhere from deer, geese and pigs to bison, zebras and camels! And a ton of animals I have never heard of and can't remember their names. It was AMAZING!

The adults has just as much fun as the kids. My dad even managed to meet a couple new "friends".

The wagon ride lasted approximately an hour and then we spent another 30 minutes or so at their petting zoo, playing with little ducklings, baby rabbits, pigme goats and others.

Later that night my family and I celebrated my birthday, since I won't be with them on my actual
birthday. I'm turning 31. Booooo........... I'll guess I'll just have to drink enough wine to forget how old I am getting

Here I am modeling my new shoes and necklace! Thanks, Weber family!

I had to post this picture of Max in the tent with my mom. He is seriously SO CUTE!

And the night ended with Ben getting stuck in the soccer net.

The kids were exhausted after their fun weekend with their Gigi, Papa, Aunt, Uncle and cousins. This is what Ella looked like 5 minutes into our two and a half hour car ride home on Sunday

She looks just like her mommy when she sleeps!
FYI... she also has my butt and thighs.... poor girl

And Ben was struggling with the sun in his eyes. So when this didn't work,

he had to resort to this


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