Sunday, October 19, 2008


Up until a year ago, if someone would have mentioned Congress, I immediately would have thought of Congress Country Club, one of our big competitors during summertime country club swimming. That sounds funny to me now.... country club swimming

However, after living in the country, when someone mentions Congress, they are usually referring to the All American Quarter Horse Congress which occurs in Columbus each October. Per the Online Encyclopedia of Ohio History, "The congress's purpose is to showcase the American Quarter Horse. The organizers also hope to educate people about this mammal and the proper way to show it at professional events."

All of our neighbors out here have horses. The first time we looked at this house with our realtor, I knew I wanted to live here because when we pulled up the drive, there were 2 beautiful horses standing at the fence right next to the driveway. Who wouldn't want to come home to that everyday?

Anyway, my neighbor Tonya hurt her back and hasn't been able to ride, so she has been giving me lessons on her horse, George. I have really been enjoying learning how to ride.

Well, Tonya called today and asked if Ella and I wanted to go to Congress with her and her daughter, Ava. WE HAD A BLAST!!! It was seriously like stepping into a whole different world. We watched a couple shows, but mainly just walked around by the vendors and shopped.

Here are Ava and Ella in the car on the way to Congress. Ava brought her horses for Ella to play with in the car.

I forget what Tonya said was happening here.... I'll have to check with her

Since I have been enjoying riding so much, Tonya thought I needed the proper gear. So here I am with my new boots!!!! I love them!

Ella enjoyed trying out all the saddles. This one she is sitting on costs as much as some cars. I am not joking...

I thought Ella needed her first pair of Cowgirl boots. These were ADORABLE! Unfortunately, she couldn't figure out how to walk in them. So they didn't come home with us. But I was still able to get some cute pics of her wearing them. Maybe next year...


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