Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Stats

Miss Ella June Bug had her 1 year check-up today with Dr. Cheryl. (My sister felt the need to remind me that Ella is almost 13 months now and why was her 12 month appointmet scheduled so late... spoken like a true pediatrician)

Here are her stats:

  • weight: 19 lbs 10.5 oz. (= 20th percentile)
  • height: 29 inches (= 30th percentile)
  • What do these numbers mean? That she is T-I-N-Y!
  • Ben was bigger than this at his 9 month check-up
  • She also already has her four 15-month molars

She also had 4 shots! Poor Princess!! But she handled them like a pro - barely any crying. I have already put her to bed for the night. She's exhausted after her day.

Good night, little bug...


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