Sunday, October 19, 2008

Catch-up Time

I had a horribly busy week at work last week -- a lot of early mornings and late evenings. So there was no time for blogging. But we had a super-fun weekend so I wanted to tell you all what you did.

Several months ago I signed Ben up for a class at the zoo for 2 year olds and their parents called, "Do the Zoo Walk". His class started at 10am, but Ben and I arrived shortly after 9. There was no one there at that time. It was almost like me had the zoo to ourselves for an hour. Ben seemed to be all about the tigers this trip. We was obsessed with the one's teeth (maybe he'll be a dentist like his papa!)

Here he is showing me how he can growl!

I like this sweet face much better

His class was a ton of fun! We got to meet and play with some real animals... a bunny, hedgehog, snake and owl. He then made a hippo puppet. We didn't stay too long after his class because we had to get home to our greet our visitors!

My dear friend from college, Margaux, came to visit us with her two adorable kids -- Wyatt and Kendall. Shortly after they arrived we headed to Leed's Farm. If you have never been there, I highly recommend going. There is so much to do there then just pick pumpkins. The boys played on the hay slides.

The kids played in the corn-box (just like a sandbox but filled with corn).

Margaux thought we all needed to go on the Banana Bus. (The only this harder than getting into the "bus" was getting out of it!).

We fed the goats.

And eventually we found some time at the end to pick up some pumpkins and gourds

This is what we took home with us!

After dinner we had the boys each decorate a pumpkin and a gourd. They seemed to really enjoy it and I love how they turned out!

Before bed, the boys enjoyed home-made icecream (compliments of Matt) and a movie (Alvin and the Chipmunks.... Wyatt's favorite!)

The night ended with a lot of this....

And too much of this...


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