Monday, October 6, 2008

Drinkin' beer for a good cause

Matt's roommate from law school, Andy, passed away from colon cancer just 4 short months after they finished law school. This year was the 5 year anniversary. In order to remember Andy, each year his family organizes a Pub Crawl somewhere in Columbus. Andy's family and friends get together on a Saturday afternoon in October and have a great time. Plus, all the money raised goes towards colon cancer research. We missed last year's event because it was on my birthday (plus I had just delivered Ella 1 month before. Did I really need to go bar hopping with a 1 month old at home?) This year the pub crawl was at Creekside in Gahanna.

The Law School Boys:

Whose huge beer is that??? (it's mine!)

Matt showing off his Pub Crawl coozie on his martini

Love you're shirt, honey! Wish I had one! Oh, I forgot. You bought me one too!

Chrissy, Liz (Andy's sister and Pub Crawl Organizer) and me

Jodi and Matt (Andy's Brother) and Matt

I am positive there is some sort of lawyer-talk occuring here:


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