Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ella's Party

We did not throw a huge bash for Ella's first birthday. We decided just to have our family over for a low-key party on Saturday. It just so happens that Saturday was also the day of the West Liberty Antique Tractor parade, and Doug, my father-in-law had just finished restoring his 1959 Massey Ferguson. Now a tractor parade was not really what I had envisioned for my daughter's first birthday party, but we had the BEST TIME! There were over 350 entries in the parade and a TON of spectators. Doug attached his trailor to the back of the tractor and we had approximately 40 people on the trailor. The Shellhammer-Chamberlain-Weber clan was dressed in their OSU attire in honor of the first game.

McKenna and her awesome nanny, Brandie, made the most adorable signs for our "float"

After the parade, we headed back to our house to celebrate Ella's birthday. My mom had gotten her the most adorable dress to wear on her birthday. Since she was wearing her Buckeye clothes most of the day, she only had her dress on for about 20 minutes before she stripped her down to eat cake. But doesn't she look adorable in it?

When it came time for the cake, Ella did not dive into it. She is the princess, the baby. No need to feed herself when she has her older brother and cousins to hand feed her

After cake, ice cream, cookies and presents we headed over to our neighbor's, The Shick's, to play with their horses and new baby kittens

And when the evening ends like this, you know it must have been a GOOD PARTY

Happy First Birthday, June Bug!


April McFarland said...

omg! ella looks SO cute in her headbands!!!

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