Tuesday, September 23, 2008

19 hours with no kids

Other than a bike, one of the few things McKenna wanted for her birthday was for Ben to come to her party. We hadn't planned on going up to Canton because Matt and I had a wedding to attend. Luckily, my dad had a dental meeting in Columbus on Friday, so afterwards he picked up Ben and took him back to Canton for the weekend. He had a great time with his Gigi and Papa (probably because the let him have his zazzy the whole weekend! Honestly, the zazzy is killing me. He is obsessed with it! Mommy can't take it anymore!!!)

Sorry for my rant. Let me get back on track...

While Ben was in Canton, Ella thoroughly enjoyed being the only child on Friday night and the first part of Saturday. She loved having her alone time with her daddy.

Ella went to Matt's parents on Saturday around noon and stayed Saturday night so Matt and I could enjoy our evening out. I had spent all morning going through Ella's clothes and figuring out what fit and what didn't. I realized she didn't have any socks or PJs so we headed over to Columbus a couple hours before the wedding to do a little shopping. We both wished we would have had more time to spend at the mall. I had forgotten how nice it was to browse and go to whatever store I wanted without worring about someone needing a snack or pooping their pants.

Matt's friend from law school, Sarah, got married. She looked beautiful and was so happy! (sorry for the poor quality of these pictures. It was dark so I had to try and lighten them. Maybe if I had a better camera..... isn't my birthday coming up? hint, hint)

We had an hour between the wedding and reception so we headed to one of favorite spots, Rigsby's Kitchen, for a cocktail and "snack". We could have easily stayed and enjoyed a huge meal because it is so good!

The reception was at the Columbus Historical Society. It was a really fun place for a reception and she had a great band. Overall, it was a great night. And we were able to go home to a house with no kids. Bliss....

However, the next morning, we had to get up bright and early to head to the Hood....


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