Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Stats

Miss Ella June Bug had her 1 year check-up today with Dr. Cheryl. (My sister felt the need to remind me that Ella is almost 13 months now and why was her 12 month appointmet scheduled so late... spoken like a true pediatrician)

Here are her stats:

  • weight: 19 lbs 10.5 oz. (= 20th percentile)
  • height: 29 inches (= 30th percentile)
  • What do these numbers mean? That she is T-I-N-Y!
  • Ben was bigger than this at his 9 month check-up
  • She also already has her four 15-month molars

She also had 4 shots! Poor Princess!! But she handled them like a pro - barely any crying. I have already put her to bed for the night. She's exhausted after her day.

Good night, little bug...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who knew?

Who knew that Cole Haan made shoes for toddlers?
Well, they do! And they're ADORABLE!
(especially when worn by this cutie!!)

We're in the Hood

In February, one of my residents, Robyn, passed away after a 15 month battle with Ovarian Cancer. She was smart. She was sweet. She was a physician who had dedicated her life to taking care of others. She was only 29.

On Sunday, Matt, Ella and I participated in the 2008 National Ovarian Cancer Coalition "Break the Silence" 5k Run/Walk. In 2007 Robyn worked with the NOCC to make that year's race the success that it was. This year, in her honor, we wanted to make it even bigger.

We were 3 of the almost 100 member team called "Robyn's Hood". Robyn's friend Kristina even made sure Ella had a team shirt!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Robyn's mom, Kathy, said to me "I think Robyn made sure we had a beautiful day today".

There were well over 1000 runners and walkers that participated. I was so proud to be a part of it. And so proud to have Matt and Ella there with me, along with all of Robyn's family and friends. The Columbus Running Company was one of the sponsor's of the event and I found this picture of Matt and Ella on their website!

Here are some more members of the "Hood"

The only thing I wasn't proud of was my time.... There were so many participants and the path wasn't very wide so it was hard to get moving at first. Matt and I got separated and the poor guy had to push Ella (while mostly fussing in the jogger) the whole time by himself. But even with that, with over 1000 participants, we didn't do too bad!! (there were 26 pages of participants times, so I'm just showing you ours!)
(click the results to enlarge)

19 hours with no kids

Other than a bike, one of the few things McKenna wanted for her birthday was for Ben to come to her party. We hadn't planned on going up to Canton because Matt and I had a wedding to attend. Luckily, my dad had a dental meeting in Columbus on Friday, so afterwards he picked up Ben and took him back to Canton for the weekend. He had a great time with his Gigi and Papa (probably because the let him have his zazzy the whole weekend! Honestly, the zazzy is killing me. He is obsessed with it! Mommy can't take it anymore!!!)

Sorry for my rant. Let me get back on track...

While Ben was in Canton, Ella thoroughly enjoyed being the only child on Friday night and the first part of Saturday. She loved having her alone time with her daddy.

Ella went to Matt's parents on Saturday around noon and stayed Saturday night so Matt and I could enjoy our evening out. I had spent all morning going through Ella's clothes and figuring out what fit and what didn't. I realized she didn't have any socks or PJs so we headed over to Columbus a couple hours before the wedding to do a little shopping. We both wished we would have had more time to spend at the mall. I had forgotten how nice it was to browse and go to whatever store I wanted without worring about someone needing a snack or pooping their pants.

Matt's friend from law school, Sarah, got married. She looked beautiful and was so happy! (sorry for the poor quality of these pictures. It was dark so I had to try and lighten them. Maybe if I had a better camera..... isn't my birthday coming up? hint, hint)

We had an hour between the wedding and reception so we headed to one of favorite spots, Rigsby's Kitchen, for a cocktail and "snack". We could have easily stayed and enjoyed a huge meal because it is so good!

The reception was at the Columbus Historical Society. It was a really fun place for a reception and she had a great band. Overall, it was a great night. And we were able to go home to a house with no kids. Bliss....

However, the next morning, we had to get up bright and early to head to the Hood....

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Happy 3rd Birthday, McKenna Bray!
Mommy said you mailed your bibbies to the Bibby Fairy today.
I hope she brings you something special... like maybe a new bike!
We love you, Kemma!
Aunt Kiki, Uncle Matt, Ben and Ella June


Maybe one day he'll be a music producer...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A little late

I have been meaning to post these pictures for awhile, but kept forgetting.

These are from our trip to the Columbus Zoo with the Smith Family a couple of weekends ago.

Ben LOVES Abbey. I am pretty sure he is already planning on marrying her someday.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite...

Up to the highest hight
Let's go fly a kite
And send it soaring

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Justice

Matt is the County Coordinator for the Re-Election campaign of Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, Evelyn Stratton. Tonight he was in charge of a fund-raising event for her. I wasn't supposed to attend, but after a small catering emergency, I ended up going to help Matt.
I really enjoyed meeting Justice Stratton. She is a lovely woman..... incredibly personable and down-to-earth. And very funny!

Be sure to check out her website to learn more about her!

Ben vs the Coffee Table

The coffee table won....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ella's Party

We did not throw a huge bash for Ella's first birthday. We decided just to have our family over for a low-key party on Saturday. It just so happens that Saturday was also the day of the West Liberty Antique Tractor parade, and Doug, my father-in-law had just finished restoring his 1959 Massey Ferguson. Now a tractor parade was not really what I had envisioned for my daughter's first birthday party, but we had the BEST TIME! There were over 350 entries in the parade and a TON of spectators. Doug attached his trailor to the back of the tractor and we had approximately 40 people on the trailor. The Shellhammer-Chamberlain-Weber clan was dressed in their OSU attire in honor of the first game.

McKenna and her awesome nanny, Brandie, made the most adorable signs for our "float"

After the parade, we headed back to our house to celebrate Ella's birthday. My mom had gotten her the most adorable dress to wear on her birthday. Since she was wearing her Buckeye clothes most of the day, she only had her dress on for about 20 minutes before she stripped her down to eat cake. But doesn't she look adorable in it?

When it came time for the cake, Ella did not dive into it. She is the princess, the baby. No need to feed herself when she has her older brother and cousins to hand feed her

After cake, ice cream, cookies and presents we headed over to our neighbor's, The Shick's, to play with their horses and new baby kittens

And when the evening ends like this, you know it must have been a GOOD PARTY

Happy First Birthday, June Bug!

Hello, Coach

I found this shirt today and knew that I had to get it for Ben the second I saw it.

You can just start calling him Jim Tressel....

If you haven't noticed before, my dad also looks amazingly like Coach Tressel (especially when my dad is wearing his glasses). The Tressel-look must run in the family...
This picture of Ben and my dad was taken almost exactly 2 years ago:

I am OBSESSED with the gift shop at the hospital. Everytime I go in there I seem to buy some sort of OSU apparel. Today - Ben's shirt. Last week I bought shirts for Ella and McKenna. The week before that I bought sweatshirts for Matt and I. But how can resist when I have my OSU discount!


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