Thursday, May 29, 2008

Prize Fighter

I remember Ben having lots of bumps and bruises when he was younger, but not nearly as many as Ella seems to get. Check out her newest battle wound...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time flies when you're...BUSY

We had a super busy, yet FUN, holiday weekend. Here's a quick look at all we did over Memorial Day weekend:

Ben had a haircut on Friday, so Mommy had to experiment with a new hair style. Check out my little rockstar!

Gigi and Papa also came in on Friday night to visit for the weekend. We picked up some pizzas from Papa Murphy's (we recommend the 5 meat stuffed and chicken delite)

On Saturday we headed to the zoo! I know it seems like we are there A LOT, but we have season passes (compliments of Uncle Todd), so it make it easy to head over there, even if just for an hour or two. Ella wasn't feeling great, but she was happy to be carried around by her Daddy in the baby carrier. Unfortunately, since Ella was being carried the entire visit instead of riding in the stroller, Ben also had to be carried. So we kept rotating who had to carry him.

Super Daddy!!!!

As always, the aquarium is Ben's favorite, so we spent alot of time with the "fishys". Ella seems to really like them too.

Here are Ben and his Gigi checking out the manatee

And Ella with her Papa

This is about the time everyone started to poop out, so we left the zoo and headed to Polaris for a little lunch and some shopping

On Sunday we went to a cookout held by friend's of Matt's parents. Ben was super-excited about the cookout for several reasons :

1) There were cows and alpacas right next to the playground

2) Ben was able to play with his friends Alex and Grady

3) We also got the chance to spend some time with Uncle Todd and Uncle Jeff

Ella was still not feeling great, but she seemed to have a nice time anyway

Ben had so much fun that he didn't want to leave. He thought if he hid from us, we wouldn't have to go home. Can you find him?

After dinner that night we headed over to visit the family that lives across the street - Devon, Tonya, Brock and Ava. They had baby kittens that Ben really wanted to meet!

They also have 2 very sweet horses, Duke and George, that Ben loved. He kept running over to the stable and standing on a chair to pet them. I didn't get any pictures of them, but I will the next time we are over there.

Ella was just happy to have Ava push her all over the place. Notice the spatula that Ella carries around everywhere. She is teething and has decided that a spatula is the best thing to chew on.

On Monday we went to the Memorial Day parade in Bellefontaine. This was Ella's first parade and she was VERY EXCITED. Of course, she had to bring her spatula with her

Ben loved seeing the firetrucks, police cars, and horses

And Papa was even in the parade!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hilton Head Condo for Rent

Hilton Head Island - Port Royal Plantation

2 bedroom; 2 bath condo -- sleeps 6 adults
  • large pool with many lounge chairs and gated fence
  • gas grill off the back porch
  • back porch overlooks the pool
  • 5 minute walk to private Westin beach (or ride the Westin shuttle)
All amenities of The Westin are available to condo guests
  • free golf for 4 daily (exlcudes cart fee)
  • free tennis for 4 - 1 hour daily
  • Indoor/outdoor pools at the hotel
  • Westin Spa
  • Westin restaurants

Reduced rates for friends of the Shellhammer/Chamberlain/Weber families!

Available June 14-21, 2008
More 2009 available dates will be coming!

Contact Kiki for more info

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Front Porch - Take 2

My front porch is coming together quite nicely, if I do say so myself! My in-laws found these great pots at Sam's Club in Lima and picked us up 6 of them. Then Matt and I went crazy at Oakland nursery last weekend buying flowers to fill them. My mother-in-law, Patty, and the kids worked very hard this week planting all the flowers. Don't they look great? They are so bright and colorful - I just love how they turned out!

I forgot to post this picture earlier. This is my Mother's Day present.... the Bistro Set I wanted! I have the BEST husband and kids!

I know my parents will be upset if I don't post any pictures of the kids for them. Although you can't see their faces, I love this picture. Ella is helping Ben pick out a movie to watch before bedtime.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Super-fun Sunday

Matt and I went to a wedding on Saturday. His friends from back home were married at this great church back on Indian Lake and then the reception was in Marysville.

(Congrats Ryan and Kristina. Everything about your day was beautiful. Thanks for inviting us!!)

Ben and Ella stayed with Matt's parents on Saturday night. It was nice to sleep in on Sunday and just enjoy each other. We woke up Sunday morning, ran some errands, picked up Starbucks, and then headed to Oakland Nursery. We bought lots of flowers to fill the pots we got for our front porch (I'll post those pictures later this week)

On Sunday afternoon we got together with other friends of ours that were in town for the wedding -- Matt and Michelle and their kids, Connor, Megan and Cole; and TC and Chrissa and their daughter Taylor. We all met up at Michelle's parents house on Indian Lake.

We had a cookout... (here is Ben with Megan and Connor)

... and did a little fishing (it was super windy out so we were not outside for long)

I tried to fix up Ella with Matt and Michelle's son, Cole. Ella is just 2 days older than Cole, but he weighs about 3 lbs more than she does. Isn't he adorable??

Ella really liked his bald head!

Ben had a blast playing with Connor, Megan and Taylor. They would climb in bed and giggle...

....then pretend like they were sleeping....

.... and then back to more giggling

Taylor was extremely helpful in taking care of Ella

Ben was happy to find another boy who likes playing with anything pink as much as he does!!

Ben acted like he and Connor had been friends FOREVER. You would have never know that they had just met that day.

I just had to include these last 2 pictures of Ella because she is so stinking cute!

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