Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weekend in Canton

Ben, Ella and I headed up to my parents for the weekend. We had LOTS of fun! Gigi made Ben these yummy cupcake cones. Ben really enjoyed them - especially the sprinkles!

There was a really bad storm on Friday night and we lost all power for an hour or so. It started to get warm in the house, so we opened the front door and hung out on the front porch and watched the storm. Ben really enjoyed splashing in the water and making footprints.

Here are Ben and Papa (and the goose):

And a picture of Gigi, Ella and I:

On Saturday, it was still raining. But Ben didn't mind - he put on his raincoat and headed outside to play!

Then, Aunt Erin, Uncle Josh, McKenna and Max came over! Ben and McKenna are BEST FRIENDS! They hadn't seen each other in a couple of months, so they were so excited to play together.

Here is my nephew, Max. Isn't he handsome?? Max was feeling a little under the weather, so he was extra sweet. Max and Ella are only 6 weeks apart in age, but he is so much bigger than she is.

Here is a picture of my sister, Erin and I:

Every time we are at my parents house, Ben plays with this pink stroller. It's meant to push around a babydoll in, but we decided to put Ella in the stroller. Ben pushed her all around the house. And as you can see from the picture, Ella LOVED it!

On Sunday, after breakfast with the Weber's, we headed to the park. When we first got there, Ella wasn't feeling so well....

.... but once we put her in the swing, she quickly perked up!

Here is Max in the swing. He is the CUTEST!!

Here are Erin and I with our babies. This picture makes me laugh because Max and Erin are so blonde and Ella and I are so dark. Are we really related??

Ben and McKenna had a fun-filled morning of swinging,

and sliding.

Nothing beats a day at the park with your best friend!

Thanks for a great weekend!! We love you guys!


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