Friday, May 2, 2008

Big Boy Pants

Although Ben is no where near ready to start potty-training, we though it would be motivating for him to try on his big boy pants (aka underwear!). His Grandma gave him these for Christmas - they have dinosaurs on them! He seemed to really like them. (When he gets older, he is going to be so upset with me for posting these!! But doesn't he look adorable?)

Here we are joking around and playing before bedtime. Of course, I changed him back into a regular diaper before bed!

Around Christmas time, Matt bought Ben a DVD called "Elmo's Potty Time". And Ben LOVES it. We have watched it a million times already. I may go crazy if I have to listen to Elmo sing songs about going peepee and poopoo in the toilet one more time!

To my friends that don't have kids yet...... just you wait! I can't wait until you get to experience this too!!


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