Friday, May 2, 2008

The Gravel Project

A few weeks ago, Matt started telling me about this Gravel Project that he was going to be working on. Although he explained it to me, I still really didn't understand what he was doing. So imaging my surprise, when Ella and I came home from an afternoon of shopping last Saturday, and drove up the driveway to see this....

Of course, Ben was PUMPED to have a REAL skid loader at his house! And he got to ride in it with him Daddy! Ben even has a toy skid loader that he plays with all the time

And what could be even more exciting that a skid loader? A DUMP TRUCK! Ben's Grandpa OWNS this dump truck - how great is that??!! Ben would sit in the front of the truck while Matt used the skid loader to fill it, and then they would drive to the back of our property to dump it. Ben was in heaven!

And Mommy had fun riding in the dump truck too!! (but I wore my hard hat!)


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