Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Tooth Fairy -

As you are probably aware, we thought we were going to need your services this week. Ella fell in the lunch room at school on Tuesday afternoon. I received the call at work. I was told she had chipped her tooth, but didn't seem to be any sort of emergency. I left work anyways to go get her. I arrived at school to 4 bloody front teeth.

I immediately ran her across the street to our pediatrician's office (how convenient!) Although we didn't have an appointment, they got us right in. Oh, how I love the physicians at MVP! Dr. Krumm confirmed by fears and there was more than just a chipped tooth and said we needed to see a pediatric dentist.

She gave me a few names of some dentists, but my dad said to call Aunt Carol to see who she recommends since she seems to know ALL the dentists in Columbus. She immediately gave me the name of Dr. Jo-Jo. Dr. Josephine Strickler is a pediatric dentist in Hilliard. They got us in as an emergency on Wednesday morning. She was WONDERFUL! I highly recommend her!

As you can see from the x-ray, the front tooth on the fight is chipped. That was the tooth I was worried about. Unfortunately, it is the tooth next to it that is the problem! It is shoved up and back into her gums. But there are not fractures, which is great! The tooth shoved up in her gums is loose, and should hopefully work its way back down in the next 4 weeks. We go back for a follow-up in a month.

So, Toothfairy, you can go away. We don't need you because it looks as though Ella is going to keep all her teeth for now.

However, we will need you to send the Zazzy fairy. We had to strip Ella of her zazzys because her tooth will never come back down to its original position if she is always sucking on a pacifer. It breaks our heart that we know her teeth are causing her pain, and we had to take away the thing she uses to sooth herself. Thankfully, though, she still has her blankets!



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