Monday, December 1, 2008

To Mer

Today I received this letter - a poem, actually - in the mail from my dear friend (and one of my 12 college roommates!) Meredith.

Mer got engaged to Jeremy on July 25 of this year and is busily planning her wedding for August 28, 2009 in Chicago. No doubts that it will be a FANTASTIC wedding!

The letter was sent to Mer's sister, Cara, and her friends Hallie, Nicki, Nicole, Robyn and myself. I won't re-type the whole thing here, but I want to share some pieces with you..

I find myself thinking about the dress, the invites and all the flowers,
"The" moment, the new family and even all the showers.

Wedding planners alike refer to this part as "assembling your team".
To me, this is the best part of the ongoing dream.


To Kiki, my strong friend and mother of two
It seems like yesterday when you said "I do".

Your life is like a fairytale with Matt, Ella and Ben,
Your strength is a gift - you are really our mother hen!

I'll never forget our meeting freshman year.
Our laughs and inside jokes I will forever hold dear


And so our journey begins after this ridiculous rhyme.
I have no doubt, through it all, we will have a remarkable time.

My promise to you is to never to stress.
You can be who you want and, more importantly, I hope you like the dress!

I look forward to adding to our list of memories that will never fade.
Each of you complete my world: my friend, my sister, my loves, my bridesmaids.

Did I happen to mention earlier how creative she is??? She is so great! I just love her so much!

So, to Mer, I want you to know that it would be MY HONOR to be your bridesmaid with these 5 other amazing ladies and share in this special day with you and Jeremy. I love you (and Jer!) and can wait for all the festivities to start!

(In this photo: my mom, me {with Ben in my tummy!}, Mer's mom, Mer, Hallie, Hallie mom @ Hallie's wedding)


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