Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All Aboard!

This past Saturday we hopped aboard The Polar Express and took a trip to The North Pole!

Some of the highlights of our trip included (in no particular order, although I think #1 is the funniest!):

1) The 12 Days of Christmas

2) Ben meeting Mrs. Claus for the first time (oh, how he looked at her with such adoration!)

3) Ben and McKenna fighting over Rudolf

4) Seeing Santa! And getting a bell from his sleigh!

5) Ben having diarrhea 3 times in approximately 5 minutes (no picture necessary)

6) McKenna breaking her finger (this is not really a highlight, but something to be mentioned nonetheless)

7) The Pajama Parade

8) Waving to the elves in the North Pole

9) Mommy getting pretend hot chocolate poured on her by Elf Larry

10) Being together!


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