Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

Can you believe it is Thanksgiving today??? Where did the year go?

Tonight while putting Ella to bed, I actually sat in Ella's rocker with her and rocked her to sleep. Usually Ella "no frills" at bedtime. She just wants her zazzy and blanket, then turn out the light and close the door. But she didn't have her afternoon nap and her belly was full of turkey so she was extra sleep and cuddly. So I took advantage of cuddle time with my little bug.

She feel asleep within minutes and I wasn't ready to put her down, so and sat and rocked and thought about all that I am thankful for in my life:

  • my incredibly loving and supportive husband
  • my two completely adorable children, Ben Bear and June Bug
  • my amazing parents
  • my fantastic in-laws (especially Patty, who watches my kids EVERY DAY! She is a saint!)
  • my hilarious sister (my personal pediatrician) and her family
  • Todd and Jeff, who love my kids like they are their own
  • terrible Godiva and sweet Chase (they let Ben and Ella ride them like they are horses!)
  • our amazing neighbors, who have introduced us to the wonderful world of horses
  • my job that I love (how many people can say that they LOVE their job?!)
  • all of our friends, both near and far

I am thankful for everyone who reads this blog. I am glad that you care enough about us that you want to read what we have been up to!

And finally, I am thankful that I am finally starting to lose my baby weight! (down 12 lbs, 13 to go!)

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Before I go, I need to say Happy Birthday to Doug! WE LOVE YOU!


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