Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A belated birthday wish

November 1st was not only our wedding anniversary, it was also Mikey's 31st birthday. The story of "Matt and Kiki" begins with Mikey. Here's how it goes...

It was Mike's birthday.
Matt took him out for his birthday.
Matt invited Molly Karns.
Molly Karns invited Kiki.
Matt and Kiki met.
Matt and Kiki got engaged.
Matt and Kiki got married (with Mikey as the best man).
Matt and Kiki had Ben.
Matt and Kiki had Ella.

Thus I should thank Mikey for having a birthday and providing the basis for all things wonderful in my life.

Thank you "Uncle" Mikey.....and Happy Birthday!

We all love you very much!


the Miranda family said...

Yeah Mikey! What a guy! Please pass along some birthday wishes from the Miranda's! And Happy Anniversary! :)

the Miranda family said...

Can you send me your email address? I need to send you guys an evite for our Christmas party! :)

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