Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

Can you believe it is Thanksgiving today??? Where did the year go?

Tonight while putting Ella to bed, I actually sat in Ella's rocker with her and rocked her to sleep. Usually Ella "no frills" at bedtime. She just wants her zazzy and blanket, then turn out the light and close the door. But she didn't have her afternoon nap and her belly was full of turkey so she was extra sleep and cuddly. So I took advantage of cuddle time with my little bug.

She feel asleep within minutes and I wasn't ready to put her down, so and sat and rocked and thought about all that I am thankful for in my life:

  • my incredibly loving and supportive husband
  • my two completely adorable children, Ben Bear and June Bug
  • my amazing parents
  • my fantastic in-laws (especially Patty, who watches my kids EVERY DAY! She is a saint!)
  • my hilarious sister (my personal pediatrician) and her family
  • Todd and Jeff, who love my kids like they are their own
  • terrible Godiva and sweet Chase (they let Ben and Ella ride them like they are horses!)
  • our amazing neighbors, who have introduced us to the wonderful world of horses
  • my job that I love (how many people can say that they LOVE their job?!)
  • all of our friends, both near and far

I am thankful for everyone who reads this blog. I am glad that you care enough about us that you want to read what we have been up to!

And finally, I am thankful that I am finally starting to lose my baby weight! (down 12 lbs, 13 to go!)

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Before I go, I need to say Happy Birthday to Doug! WE LOVE YOU!


This past Saturday we all dressed in our BUCKEYE best for the big OSU-Michigan game. Daddy whipped up some yummy buffalo chicken dip, we played Lincoln logs, and enjoyed the big win!
Check out my little cheerleader and football player!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Teething... or tongue-ing??

Ella is teething again. Her last 4 remaining teeth are about to make their appearance. She was so miserable all weekend. But for some reason, this made her feel better (at least for a few minutes!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is why there is more water on my bathroom floor than there is in the tub...

They may make a mess, but how could you ever get upset at these sweet faces???

The Hair Debate - Revisited

Some friends at work today were looking through the blog and giving me a hard time about Ella's hair today, saying that purposely try and make Ella's hair look crazy in pictures and that I don't ever brush it.

I took this picture tonight to show Ella's hair in all it's glory

And to refresh everyone's memory, this is what Ella looked like at 4 months. The girl was just blessed with crazy hair

New Look

With the holidays coming, I thought I should spice up the blog a bit!

Do you like the new look??

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ben vs. the Kitchen Floor

We were having an uneventful Tuesday evening. The kids had an early dinner of chicken nuggets and fries. No one was vomiting. No one was having diarrhea. Ella went to bed early because she is still recovering from The Sickness. Ben and I were watching "Kiki's Delivery Service". He had a granola bar for a snack and decided he needed some water. So we headed into the kitchen.

That's when it happened. The Event that ended our Uneventful Evening.

While running out of the kitchen with his sippy cup of water, he tripped over his stethoscope.

And this occurred....

I will say, once the tears stopped, I had a hard time not laughing each time he told me that he hurt his wip.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Round 2

Question: What is the only thing worse than a vomiting 2 year old?

Answer: A vomiting 1 year old, with the added bonus of diarrhea

Today I was summoned home from work today because The Sickness stuck again.

The victim.... our little Ella

She is still so sweet even when she doesn't feel well!

Update: We may be headed for Round 3 . Daddy came home from work not feeling well. The kids even had to help him take his shoes off.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Matt's Birthday!

Ben and Ella (and mommy!) would like to wish their Daddy a Happy 31st Birthday! They think he is the best daddy in the whole world (and its not just because he is so helpful when putting on boots and crowns!)

Ben (with the help of Grandma) made your favorite cake. We hope you love it!

The Sickness

Ben has finally recovered from The Sickness - the 24 hours that all parents dread that consists of continuous vomiting (including in my car!) It was gross.... It was sad.... It was exhausting.

This is what he looked like Thursday evening (notice the bucket.... do you what it is like to try and get a 2 year old to throw up into a bucket?? almost impossible!)

And here he is Friday morning. He actually told me he wanted to take a nap on Friday morning. No 2 year old ever wants to nap. But he napped for 5 hours!

I am just hoping that The Sickness doesn't attack Ella next.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Is it time...

... for her first haircut???

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section!

Ella's Sunday Breakfast

Per Matt:

"That's a good dad that let's her eat bananas and cheerios on the carpet."

I guess I have to agree, since I was still sleeping :)

Do I worry about the mess? NO WAY! That's why we have dogs, right??


Look who got a new hair cut (and color)! Raphael and Gregg are the BEST! If anyone is looking for a new stylist, I highly recommend Rafiel's Studio in Clintonville.

FYI... this picture was posted for my mom and sister who were dying to see the new hairstyle!


McKenna Bray Weber's preschool picture (which she would absolutely NOT smile for)! She is such a little stinker! Her mommy tells her that she acts just like Aunt Kiki! What's wrong with that???

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A belated birthday wish

November 1st was not only our wedding anniversary, it was also Mikey's 31st birthday. The story of "Matt and Kiki" begins with Mikey. Here's how it goes...

It was Mike's birthday.
Matt took him out for his birthday.
Matt invited Molly Karns.
Molly Karns invited Kiki.
Matt and Kiki met.
Matt and Kiki got engaged.
Matt and Kiki got married (with Mikey as the best man).
Matt and Kiki had Ben.
Matt and Kiki had Ella.

Thus I should thank Mikey for having a birthday and providing the basis for all things wonderful in my life.

Thank you "Uncle" Mikey.....and Happy Birthday!

We all love you very much!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

No. 5

Five years ago today I married him...
And in those five years, he has blessed me with him and her...

How did I ever get to be this lucky?

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