Monday, April 6, 2009

Word of the day

If I had to pick a word of the day, the word for Saturday would have been


I chose this word for several reasons

1) Saturday we were at Uncle Todd's house, playing outside with the new bubble toys from Todd and Jeff, and filling their fountain with bubbles, when Ben stepped into the biggest pile of CoCo's poop. Gross....

(thanks for cleaning the shoes, Uncle Jeff!)

2) Cut to a few hours later when we were at DSW and Ben met a little boy who was there with his mom, dad and baby sister. The mom told Ben that she really like his shoes and he said "Thanks, they're my DRAGON shoes! And they have POOP on them!"

The mom gave me a weird look, so I had to explain that he had stepped in dog poop, but we had cleaned the shoes!

(see previous post for pictures of the "dragon" shoes, made by Morgan and Milo. Love them!)

3) Cut to 9pm. We had been in Columbus running errands ALL DAY. Seriously, we arrived home 11 hours after we had left our house. We were all tired (and definitely felt like poop). I put the kids in the tub for a quick bath. I got Ella out first, and while I was drying her off Ben announces, "Mommy! I pooped in the bath!" I look in the tub and sure enough there is the most massive snake of poop. I couldn't believe that had come out of my little boy!

I pulled Ben out of the tub, rinsed him in the shower and then yelled to Daddy that we had an emergency.

Poor Matt spent the next 30 minutes removing the poop snake, throwing away all our bath toys, and disinfecting the tub. (thanks, hubby!)

Hence, POOP was the word for Saturday


Matt, Michelle, Connor, Megan and Cole said...

If I had known Saturday was Poop day I would have sent Connor to be with you. Poop and "toots" are his favorite topics of conversation. He talks about it, sings about it, asks infinite questions about it and overall thinks it is the funniest thing in the world. I read him the stories about Ben's too close encounter and he's been cracking up for the past 20 minutes. He's repeated the story to Megan at least 3 times and can't wait to tell his Daddy. Hope this is just a passing poop phase! :)

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