Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail

If you like lots of pictures, including ones of the most unrealistic Easter Bunny you have ever seen, then you will LOVE this post. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the very end to see the bunny (I am going to keep you in suspense!)

Last weekend we headed to Canton to spend Easter with my family. On Saturday we headed over to my sister's house so the kids could enjoy the day with their cousins.

First on the agenda.... bike rides to the playground (for the big kids)! (the little ones had to settle for the stroller)

Later Saturday evening, everyone assembled at my parents for Easter dinner and an Easter basket hunt. Here the kids are assembling to hear Papa give the instructions for the hunt.
My parents took pictures of locations in their house and put them on bunny shaped cutouts. The kids had to follow the picture clues to eventually find their Easter baskets.

Ben and Ella woke up on Sunday morning to find that the Easter Bunny had left them ANOTHER Easter Basket!

Ben was so excited to see that the bunny brought him Buzz Lightyear!

And Ella's favorite gift..... her new "Little Mermaid" glasses!

We then met up with the Weber's again for Brunch at Shady.

And now for the moment you have been waiting for! Ben and Ella meet the Ella meet the Easter Bunny! This picture really doesn't do it justice. It was a TERRIBLE looking bunny!

Then it was time for the Easter egg hunt on the golf course!

Although we had a great weekend, we ended it with two sick kids, and then a few days later a sick daddy and a sick Gigi!


Matt, Michelle, Connor, Megan and Cole said...

Looks like the best Easter ever! (minus the getting sick!) Adorable family!

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