Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shady Reunion

I am so late posting about this, but I have some great pics so I wanted to include it!

Growing up, my sister and I spent our summers at Shady Hollow Country Club and some of our most special friends and memories came from these times. So, the day after Christmas we had a "Shady Reunion" at my parents house in Canton, since a lot of us "kids" were in town for the holidays.

Sarah and her husband Ryan came with their adorable twins, Sam and Jack (and her parents!).

David and his wife Kristie brought their cutie daughter, Dylan (along with his parents!)

Michelle and Jenny came with Michelle's kids, Hannah and Hayden. They are the tallest kids ever. They take just after their dad!

Scott and his wife Melinda brought they super cute kids, Dylan and Olivia

Jason and his wife Cara came with their Charlie Brown-look-alike, Carter. Oh, how I just LOVE him!

And of course, Ben, Ella, Max and McKenna (shown here playing Ring-Around-The-Rosie with Gigi after the party)

There was a total of 12 kids, ranging in age from 6 months to 3 years. (it was pretty funny trying to get them to sit for this picture!!)

I hope we can all get together to do this again sometime soon, because there so alot that couldn't make it. We missed you Marcus and Kerry, Lisa and Jason, Laura and Bill, Andrea, Bobby, Matt, Mike, Kristen, Casey and Chris, and Kara and Jeremy! And I am sure there are others I am forgetting! SORRY!
Here is one last pic from the party.... Ella in her tutu and jewerly. LOVE my little girl!


Matt C said...

1) "Shady" is definately appropriate.

2) Maybe I my parents can host a "Bellefontaine Municipal Pool reunion." That's where we swam when we were kids...that or in the crystal clear waters of Indian Lake. Go Lakers!

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