Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ben's ZOO-per 3rd Birthday Party

On Saturday, February 7 we had Ben's 3rd birthday party. It included 75 of his closest friends and family and 8 animals and 2 trainers from the Columbus Zoo.

Trust me when I say that Ben will not have another party this extravagent until he is 16.... or 21..... or maybe even 40!

The party was held at Karen's Event Center in Marysville and mommy worked very hard on the decorations. I think it turned out ADORABLE!!

I had a table set up where kids could choose animal masks to wear and had some other fun treats

The Dessert Table: instead of doing a cake, we had cupcakes with the #3 and cookies in the shapes of animals. YUM!

Here is the Birthday Boy arriving to his party!!!

Not surprisingly, Matt and Ella had to taste-test the cookies as soon as they got to the party.
How about Ella in her beret? It would be impossible for her to be any cuter!

And the guests are starting to arrive!

Some of the OSU gang

My dear, sweet little Hallie

And now......... for the Main Event............ introducing............ animals from the Columbus Zoo!!
The kids were SO excited, and SO well behaved!

The baby kangaroo!! (with zoo trainer, Jo) (also seen with former attorney and soon-to-be-fulltime father-to-baby kangaroo, Doug Smith)

A kookaburra (with trainer, Jimmy). He made it laugh for us!

A legless lizard (which is different from a snake!)

An alligator (or crocodile?)

A tortise

An armadillo

And a 4 month old cheetah named Ray that they are raising with this 5 month old puppy, Ruthie

Saturday was also Kailin's 4th birthday so here we are singing Happy Birthday to Ben (in the mask) and adorable Kailin (in the purple shirt)

Although everyone was exhausted after the party, these were the only 2 who napped


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