Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

The only thing extreme about this makeover is that it has taken us over 10 months to complete one room in our house. And the room still isn't "complete" - we still need to find blinds/shades and some other minor accessories. But I was just too excited to wait any longer to post these picture!

So, the room that we have been working on is that of Ella June (aka June Bug).

Here are the before pictures:

While Ella and I were on vacation in Hilton Head, my wonderful husband painted Ella's room and re-arranged her furniture. I picked out the paint color before we left. After looking at a million shades, I settled on "Mellow Yellow". And I had been buying accessories for months and storing them in her closet until we were ready to put it all together.

Drumroll, please..... Here are the "after" pictures:

Such a HUGE DIFFERENCE, right? I LOVE how it came out!

Most of the artwork in Ella's room came from Etsy. The picture by the window, shown below, is called "Side by Side" and was painted by Marisa Haedike of Creative Thursday. Click here to check out her blog or website.

The 4 pictures above her changing table came from Sara Handken of Sarah Jane, Illustrating Childhood. Click here to check out her blog or etsy shop. I picked these because this is what I picture her looking like when she is older :)

The "June Bug" and ladybug wall decals came from Affordable Vinyl Graphics at http://www.mywalldecals.com/. You can create whatever you want, and they have lots of fun fonts, sizes and colors to choose from. They were supposed to be "easy" to put up, but Matt thought they were kids of a pain in the butt. However, he really likes the final product and has already told me that I should order more ladybugs (and even said I could order some things for Ben's room, too!)

So, what's next?? Probably Ben's room. I am trying to decide if I should stick with the Transportation theme (planes, cars, trucks, trains) that he had in his nursery or switch to zoo animals. Either way, we will probably stick with bold, primary colors.

Let me know your thoughts on Ella's room!!!


Maria said...

The room is so adorable! Love the furniture.

Jen said...

I love the makeover, it's beautiful! And your kids are gorgeous!

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