Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flower Child

A month or so ago I found these adorable flower headbands online. I showed them to my friend, April, because I was going to buy them for Ella. Unfortunately, they were SUPER expensive (for a headband for a baby!). April said not to buy them because she thought she could probably make them. So this week, April presented me with 4 ADORABLE headbands. Ella wore one of them for the first time yesterday. Didn't April do an amazing job??

Ella was wearing this headband yesterday while we were at the Easton Art Affair. I seriously had 15 people stop me and ask where I got the headband because they loved it. So of course I called April and told her that she needed to start selling these (maybe open up a shop on Etsy?) April thinks I am crazy, but I really think she would have a lot of customers if she wanted to sell them!
I put this headband on Ella this morning. I LOVE IT!

I had to include this video on this post because Ella is really into waving right now (and because she looks so adorable in this headband!)


April McFarland said...

she's a great model! :) i can't wait to see the other two on her as well. let me know if you have orders... ha!

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