Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

I am so behind on my blogging! Father's day was a week ago and I am just now getting to post about our fun-filled weekend!

I took the day off work on Friday and my sister Erin, McKenna, Max and my Mom and Dad came into town for the day. We had an appointment with a photographer named Erin Johnson to have pictures taken of all 4 kids at Schiller Park in German Village. I am sure this wasn't her easiest photo session. There seemed to be at least 1 kids crying the entire 2 hours that we were there. But Erin was absolutely amazing (she has 4 kids of her own so this was no big deal for her!) I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have family pictures or just pics of the kids. She was so great to work with. I am so excited to see how our's come out. The proofs should be ready in another week or so. I'll keep you posted as to how they came out! It was really hectic on Friday morning trying to get all the kids fed, dressed and ready to go for the pictures, so the only picture I took was this one of Ella and Max.

Since we were going to out of town for the rest of the weekend, the kids gave Matt his Father's Day present early.... a new hammock! He seemed to really like it! And I know I will enjoy using it too!

On Saturday morning Matt and I and the kids headed down to Cincinnati for a birthday party of the son of one of my friend's from college. I forgot to bring books for Ben to read in the car, so he had to read my Parent's Magazine instead!

This was Wyatt's 3rd Birthday and it was a pool party held at Margaux's grandparents house. We did lots of swimming, played on a slip-n-slide, had a great cookout and had ice cream cones!

And Wyatt seemed to really like the Incredible Hulk gloves we got him!

After the party, we headed back to Margaux and Mark's house and put all 4 kids down for a nap, while we played with all of Wyatt's new toys! After nap, we got dressed and headed down to the Cincinatti Red's/Boston Red Socks baseball game! We had amazing seats (thanks, Mark)! Unfortunately, it was really hot and the boy's were a little restless so noone spent much time in their seats. But we had a great time and it was fun to take Ben to his first game with the Higgin's family.

After the game, we headed back to Margaux and Mark's house to grill out.

Then we gave the kids a bath and put everyone to bed. Ben slept in Wyatt's room with him. It was really fun for them to have a sleepover.

The boys woke up super early on Sunday (around 6am!) and staying awake talking until 10pm the night before (Yes, the 2 and 3 year old stayed awake talking)! We all headed to Crossroads Church for the 8:30am service. We put the kids in daycare and really enjoyed the service (and a little time withouth the kids!). Matt and I used to live in Cincy and have always enjoyed Crossroads. We really wish there was one closer to where we live. After church we put on our swimsuits and headed to Margaux and Mark's club for more swimming and lunch. It was a beautiful day.

Here is Ella and Kendall. Kendall is actually 2 months younger than Ella (Ella is such a peanut!)

Then we headed back home. Thankfully both kids were super tired so they slept the whole ride home. Later that evening, Patty and Doug and Todd and Jeff (along with our neighbor's Devon, Brock and Ava) came over for a Father's Day cookout. This was the only picture I ended up taking at our cookout because I was enjoying our great food too much!

Happy Father's Day, Matt! You are the best daddy! We Love You!!


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