Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Playground Project - Step 6

Hauling Stones

Matt told me it would have taken me about a thousand trips with the
wheelbarrow to move all the pebbles from the driveway to the playground area.


I thought my just was to just watch the kids so no one got in the way or got hurt?
(please ignore the fact that Ben DID get hurt - but it wasn't because he was
playing somewhere he shouldn't had been)

Thankfully, our next-door neighbor Walt has his very own skidloader
and was kind enough to come over and help us move all the stones!

What would have taken us HOURS to do with a wheelbarrow,
Walt was able to finish in less than 30 mintues

Of course the kids were fascinated and had to eat dinner out on the
back porch so that they could watch the action!


Matt, Michelle, Connor, Megan and Cole said...

Looks so great! There will be hours of endless fun out there this summer! So good to see you guys on Sunday even though it was just for a few minutes. Play date in July? Email me any weekends you are free and we'll get it on the calendar. We would love to have you down!

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