Monday, January 19, 2009

An uneventful Monday


Since Ben has been sick since Tuesday, both kids have been cooped up in the house and were starting to get a little stir-crazy.

I have the day off today, so I thought I would take them on a few quick errands, just to get out of the house for a bit. Our first stop was to the hardware store to look at paint colors for Ben's room and then we were headed to the grocery to get more grapes and juice.

Unfortunately, we never made it past the paint samples.

Ben slipped and fell, landing with his eye into the metal shopping cart.

We headed straight to the ER (and made a call to Daddy)

Both kids were AMAZING! So well behaved! I was so proud of both of them.

Thankfully, they had Noggin so the kids were engrossed in cartoons most of our stay.
(sorry for the poor quality of the pics - they were taken with my phone!)

Ben ended up not needing stitches, but they did have to super-glue his head back together.

Here is the before....

And the after...

Ella was a supportive little sister, although she did wonder when it was time for lunch

We are now settled safely back at home. Both kids are napping. I just ate a massive amount of junk food and now am going to hop on the treadmill to run off the stress from the mornings' activities.

Here's hoping for a better tomorrow!


the Miranda family said...

What a week you guys are having! Hope the rest of the week is calm! Sounds like you need it!
Miss you guys!

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