Friday, August 1, 2008

Max's Birthday Weekend

So, we headed home to Canton last weekend for Max's First Birthday Party! After the hail storm that damaged everyone's cars (seriously), we were able to party! Max has become such a big boy!

Ella thought that she would get into the party spirit too!

We ate great BBQ and enjoyed watching Max dig into his cake.

Ella was pretty tired, so she made sure that her zazzy, kaka (bunny) and blankey were with her at all time. Here she is with Gigi and Grandma Joyce

After things started to dry up a little after the terrible storm, the kids were able to run around outside and play

Here is McKenna and Ben with Ava, having the ever-popular fruit snacks and Capri Sun

One last picture of our Birthday Boy at bedtime. (he really looks so much like Ben here!)

On Sunday, we went to Erin and Josh's church and then all met up at my parents so that the kids to play some more. Ben and McKenna are DEFINITELY the BEST OF FRIENDS! You can just tell by the pictures how much they enjoy being with each other...

Seeing them together makes me wish we lived closer so that they could play all the time. But maybe because they don't get to see each other all the time, the times they are together are extra special!

I wonder if Max and Ella will be the same way....


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