Monday, April 14, 2008

Let's try this again...

Well, it's been almost a month, but here it is -- our second posting!! I guess I am not too good with this blogging-thing. I do have an excuse, though. I've been sick. If I haven't been at work or taking care of the kids, I have been sleeping. I am finally starting to get some energy back and am back to being a normal member of society.

Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to:

1) Ella had her first tractor accident (actually I was supposed to be holding her, but she ended up rolling off Ben's toy tractor and landing on her face - look at her poor head and nose!)

2) Ben learned a new trick (we really shouldn't encourage this, but it is too funny):

3) Matt is introducing the kids to music. I think when they finally get the band together, Ben will play the drums and Ella will be lead vocals:

4) Ben got his first tricycle, but Ella has taken a liking to it:

5) And finally, Ella got her first tooth last week!! It is been a painful few weeks for her, but it finally popped through. And tooth #2 is not far behind! She is also on the verge of crawling. She is growing so quickly!!!

OK - so my goal is to post at least once a week, so please continue to check back! I will leave you with one final picture. Who wouldn't love waking up to this face in the morning...


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